“The Russian Abroad” is a steadily growing travel blog that I founded when I was living in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in October 2014. Now, headquartered in Berlin, my blog attracts over 11,000 unique visitors per month, mostly young women (18-34 years old) who are passionate about travel, food and arts, and are eager to explore everything this world has to offer. That means that my readers are in my age and interest group, which makes it easier for me to connect with them.


Here are a few ways how we can work together. I’m always open for new suggestions and opportunities, though, so in case you have something fresh in mind, send me an email at

  • Freelance writing
  • Social media promotion
  • Press trip coverage
  • Reviews (hotels, tours, products…)
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Advertising
  • Public speaking
  • Giveaways
  • Photography


As a big social media enthusiast, I’m currently growing my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts, where I get 58% of my traffic. My SEO-friendly articles bring me another 20% of readers while direct traffic and referrals complete the picture.

Facebook: 829
Instagram: 785
Twitter: 618
Pinterest: 425
Bloglovin: 122
Klout score: 62

But of course, numbers isn’t everything so here’s what people really say about working with me:

Shared cultural interests and a mutual love for culinary delights led to our collaboration with Olga in June 2015. Working with her was just a pleasure –  she is flexible, polite, enthusiastic and we found her professionalism and journalistic style to be both refreshing and unique. We look forward to working together in the future! – Katie Dismeyer from

We invited Olga to stay at Scandic Hotels in Berlin and were very happy with her. She’s a type of guest that likes to learn and explore it all – a quality that helps her always find a unique angle on ordinary things and that makes her a true #ScandicBlogger. – Ralf Springer from Scandic Hotels

If you’d like to discuss our possible cooperation in more detail, please shoot me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you!

  • George Bobrovskis

    I was interested in your writing mostly because of your background in Russia and Latvia. My parents came from there after the war and I became a Canadian citizen and I must say have enjoyed my life here in Toronto. I have kids your age and I thought it might be interesting if they were to connect with you? just like you connect with others. I have a 15 year old daughter emma, Rebecca who is 29 and rob who is 37. They are all going through challenges in their life. And you seem to be able to put a positive spin on life through your adventures! good for you and nice to reqd some of your insights, and good luck.