3 Reasons To Visit Bucay in Ecuador

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, life isn’t necessarily a burst of color. There are lots of palms and flowers here and there, but because of the burning sun and lack of water everything green eventually turns into yellow. So it is always refreshing to visit some place green and Bucay is exactly this little life-asserting oasis I’m talking about.

Why should you visit Bucay in Ecuador? Now, here's why! Hiking, trekking, rafting - and everything amazing ending with "ing'!

Bucay is situated in the same province as Guayaquil – Guayas – but in a different cantón. As a matter of fact, Ecuador has quite a weird territorial division. The country has 24 provinces with their own capitals, just like Germany with its multiple Bundeslands. These provinces are subdivided into 221 cantóns (of which 3 are still not in any province), which in turn are split in numerous parishes. So complicated! But anyways… why should you visit Bucay?

3. For its nature!
Bucay has been blessed with incredibly soft and humid forests containing enormous amounts of waterfalls that can be found literally everywhere. Bucay is a waterfall heaven, seriously. The highest waterfall is only 90 meters and there’s also a bunch of tiny ones sprawling out on rocks as far as the eye can see. But the most beautiful thing about Bucay is that even though it’s a relatively touristic place, its surroundings somehow radiate pureness and intactness, as if still undiscovered.

2. For its adventures!

Apart from admiring Bucay’s beautiful sceneries, you can also do a lot of adventure activities there, such as hiking, swimming under waterfalls (or, rather, just standing underneath the streams of water and trying not to fall), trekking, cycling,  canyoning and rappelling, which is a lot of fun. You don’t really need to be THAT in shape to do canyoning and rappelling but I have to warn you – it helps to have abs when you gotta climb up the waterfall.

Trekking in Bucay, Ecuador
1. For its food!

Last but not least – the food!! The thing about Ecuadorian food is that, whenever you travel around Ecuador,  the same menu tastes different depending where you go. So llapingacho in Guayaquil is not the same as llapingacho in Bucay, which is, by the way, particularly famous for its fritada, seco de pollo, and guatita. FIY: personally wouldn’t recommend guatita unless your stomach is stronger than your abs but get a taste of it anyways!

The road trip to Bucay in Ecuador... So much greenery!
Bucay in Ecuador: a waterfall paradise!

The greenest of all places - Bucay in Ecuador!
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