The Perfect Escape: Hosteria Dos Chorreras

Located in the midst of El Cajas National Park in Cuenca, Ecuador, becoming a guest at Hosteria Dos Chorreras is the same as entering another world. This is no exaggeration, really – Ecuador has 4 geographical regions, so you can experience the lucious rainforests of El Oriente, the wild nature on the Galapagos Islands, the beautiful beaches in La Costa, and, of course, the breathtaking mountain views in La Sierra.
So if you’re looking for a key to open one of the four worlds of Ecuador – La Sierra – Hosteria Dos Chorreras is exactly where you can find it.
Staying at Hosteria Dos Chorreras in Cuenca, Ecuador
The Hosteria Dos Chorreras experience
Now, what you need to know about Hosteria Dos Chorreras is that you don’t go there for just a stopover. You go there for an experience. An experience that goes far beyond a definition of just “a hotel room”, because Hosteria Dos Chorreras offers you so much more than that. It is an absolutely fantastic place: craggy yet luxurious, the hotel has a very down-to-earth atmosphere that somehow makes you feel exclusive. There, you’re treated as a friend who deserves the very best – and you do get the very best. Outstanding facilities, super beautiful and cosy rooms, and extremely well-trained staff.
But that’s not the end of what you get. The hotel has a lovely small zoo, an amazing restaurant that has a brook with waterfalls running through it, a stable, where you can go horse riding in the mountains, and an excursion centre, where you can book a tour to an indigenous village, Guavidula. Oh, and there’s also a store selling local food, clothing, and more. I bought myself a super thick knitted jacket, which came in quite handy as it can get quite chilly in El Cajas, which is more than 3000 m above sea level.

If only every hotel view from the window was like that! At Hosteria Dos Chorreras

Staying at Hosteria Dos Chorreras
Hosteria Dos Chorreras has a very wide variety of rooms: singles/doubles, suites, cottages, and family cabins that can host up to 6 people. I was staying in a suite with the most beautiful window view over the mountains, a huuuuge comfortable bed, and a jacuzzi, which I never got to use, unfortunately, because during my stay I was suffering from the most horrible soroche, altitude sickness. I was actually feeling pretty bad, but the hotel was extremely helpful, supplying me with an oxygen tank and a large amount of chocolate, which apparently helps and which I absolutely didn’t mind eating.
Speaking of food, by the way, the restaurant at Hosteria Dos Chorreras offers the most delicious experience you can imagine. It is half restaurant/half buffet and has quite a short selective menu, based on traditional Andean cuisine. They say, the shorter the menu, the better the food, and the restaurant completely lives up to this expression, offering you an authentic gourmet experience.
Book this hotel if…
If you’re seeking tranquillity, beauty, and affordable luxury, Hosteria Dos Chorreras is a perfect option. It has a unique location amidst the mountains, so if you’re planning on getting an authentic experience in El Cajas, this is the place to stay.
Rooms & suites at Hosteria Dos Chorreras start at $100 per night and they’re totally worth it. As always, all opinions are my own.