The Doors in Basel

Basel, Switzerland, is famous for many things. And one of them - is its beautiful doors!

The small city of Basel in Switzerland is a magical place. Located on the river Rhein, it has lots of history, lots of charm and lots of beautiful doors – which I love. In fact, I always look out for pretty doors and colourful windows because I believe that they give a personality to a building and have this weird power to transform even the simplest of all houses into something truly interesting. That’s why I decided to open up a series in my blog called The Doors In… that will be dedicated to the doors of some cities I visit during my travels. So if you know a pretty door somewhere – let me know because there’s a big chance I’ll check it out with my camera later on.

But, not to deviate too much, let me introduce you to the beautiful doors of Basel!

Knock, knock

Some doors belong to the buildings that were given a second life after the Second World War, when Switzerland was accidentally bombed.

Some doors look like they have a door inside, which somehow makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Some doors look more monumental than the first book ever printed.

Every door in Basel tells you where it leads to: butcher’s, hairdresser’s, traders’ yard (Hof). It’s not just an entrance – it’s a story.

Some doors are just beautiful to look at.

Some doors are artful.

Some are simplistic.

But, truth be told, all the doors in Basel are worth being open. I really had to stop myself a number of times not to knock on people’s doors for the sake of knocking. And it’s not because the handles are just so welcoming – but it’s because I always dream that, behind a door so beautiful, there must be a beautiful life, too.

Over to you! Tell me where you’ve seen the most beautiful door during your travels and I’ll try to find it later on!

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