The 26 Yummiest Desserts From Around The World

Anybody who knows me even slightly also knows that I have a terrible sweet tooth. I’m seriously hopeless. Cake is my boyfriend that I’m super jealous of so I never share it with anybody. Chocolate is my soulmate that I can confess my darkest sins to. Pastry is my best friend that has went with me through everything. Unlike people, ‘a good dessert’ is always ‘a good dessert’ – there’s nothing ugly hidden underneath the pretty layers. What you see is what you get. Dessert will never ever fail you and you can always rely on it. It’ll be there. So my advice – quit on people. There are better friends to make while traveling solo – waffles, crepes, buns, pancakes, cheesecake and all the other yummiest desserts from around the world.

England– Chelsea bun

Chelsea bun is simple yet awesome. It is a glazed creation of rich yeast dough containing a mixture of currants, raisins, brown sugar, butter, and flavoured with lemon peel and cinnamon. Chelsea bun was created in the 18th century at the famous old Bun House in – guess where? – Chelsea. Ever since, it’s been one of the most typical desserts on the British table.

Poland – Kisiel

Even though you can find kisiel in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine, it is still pretty much a Polish thing. Kisiel is a thickened sweetened juice with fresh or dried fruits, sometimes containing some red wine. So be aware of it and don’t eat tooooo much – otherwise kisiel will get you drunk.

Netherlands – Oliebollen

History. Tradition. Taste. That’s what a real Dutch oliebol stands for. Known as a Dutch Doughnut in English, it is really a beautiful dumpling topped with love powdered sugar and filled with happiness raisins, apples, oranges and whipped cream.


Belgium – Waffles

Shape: square. Batter: light. Pattern: grid. A Belgian waffle should be taken seriously – after all, it is also the largest of all waffles in the waffle world.

France – Crêpes

„Parlez-vous français?“ „ Non, je parle crêpes”. Because seriously, how do you get the chance to practice your French if the crêpes are just so delicious, goddamn it? I mean, nom de Dieu?

Italy – Tiramisù

If you need some magic to lift you up to the seventh heaven, eat a real Italian tiramisu. That’s what it was created for.

Australia – Pavlova

Believe it or not, but the most typical Australian dessert was named after the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Probably because the cake is just as beautifully fragile and delightfully light as Pavolva’s famous interpretation of The Dying Swan.

Spain – Churros

Hot and crispy on the outside, light and creamy in the inside, churros will make you the best company during your afternoon coffee break.

Germany – Berliner Pfankuchen

‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ – ‘I am a Berliner’, said John F. Kennedy once. When you eat a Berliner, though, this famous quotation acquires a different, more sugary kind of taste.

Hawaii – Haupia

Haupia, or, simply put, a coconut pudding, is a traditional Hawaiian dessert that will make you want to dance to ukulele, wear flower necklaces, and live on the beach. True story.

Sweden – Prinsesstårta

Wanna know what it feels like to be a princess? Wanna get a taste of the royal life? Then have a bite of Prinsesstårta, that airy sweet cake covered in whipped cream and sprinkled with sugar – lighter than dreams and looking just like a royal jewel.

Portugal – Pastel de nata

Looks like it’s nothing special, but pastel de nata will make you swallow your tongue. It really is that tasty! Will make you crave for more, too, so be careful – you might develop an addiction…

Austria – Wiener Apfelstrudel

They say the oldest apple strudel recipe was handwritten in 1696 in Vienna. Apfelstrudel took it from there and decided it’s gonna conquer the world and become the most popular dessert out there. That ambitious plan exceeded any expectations and now this dessert can be eaten practically anywhere in the world – from Europe to South America. But of course, the real Apfelstrudel can be found only in Vienna.

Brazil – Romeu & Julieta

Probably the most romantic dessert out there, Romeu & Julieta is also known as goiabada, which was made with sugar and guava, a delicious local tropical fruit full of antioxidants. So you can really think about goiabada as a healthy snack rather than a sweet sin…

Ecuador – Dulce de tres leches

The spectacular Ecuadorian cuisine doesn’t just stop at ceviche and patacones with cheese. Ecuadorian desserts, as the matter of fact, are absolutely fantastic, especially the famous dulce de tres leches – a milky sweetness with a texture so light that it feels surreal.

USA – Brownies

Rich and lavish, lavish and rich – that’s how every brownie should taste! I call that a choco-dream.

Denmark – Risalamande

A traditional Danish dessert typically served at Christmas, Risalamande should, nevertheless, be eaten every day, that’s what I think. But of course, I also think that Christmas should be every day, too – but maybe a real perfection is only a perfection when it comes in small doses?

Philippines – Halo-halo

Have you seen a desert more colourful than this one? Probably not. Halo-halo also has a pretty colourful ingredient list, too – beans and sugar, plantains and cheese, coco and potatos, rice and sugar again. Served with ice cream. Sounds pretty crazy.

Argentina – Chocotorta

Another chocolicious dream, this time coming from Argentina. It’s super easy to make and it doesn’t have to be baked… And everybody knows the formula of cake success: the easier, the yummier. Disfrutalo!

Russia – Napoleon

One of the most famous Russian cakes takes origin in the war with Napoleon, when the French were defeated by the cold Russian war of 1812. The victory was celebrated with a new recipe of a brand new cake that has a shot of vodka in the ingredients’ list. Which makes Napoleon the most Russian cakes of all.

Japan – Matcha cake

A cake that brings you zen. Made from green tea.

Bolivia – Dulce de membrillo

A cake that just is, in fact, cheese. Made from the quince fruit.

India – Gulab jamun

Another milk-based dessert that is popular not only in India but across many other countries in South Asia, like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc where the caramelized amazingness of brownish red sugary balls is usually celebrated at weddings and birthday parties.

China – Adzuki bun

Beans, sugar, spice, and everything nice – that’s what makes this Chinese dessert look so darn cute.

Egypt – Basbousa

Basbousa is a variety of another Egyptian dish, ma’mounia, which is some kind of a sticky-sweet pudding. And there’s also another dessert called pastūsha that is, in turn, a variety of basbousa. So if you try one of them, you just gotta try all.

Turkey – Baklava

Baklava is the heavenliest of all the Turkish sweets and every time I see it, I just can’t resist. And why should I? It’s so tiny that it’s not a big deal – or so I tell myself after a third piece…

Your turn!

What are your favourite desserts from around the world?

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