Is Copenhagen cheap? Here’s how much I’ve spent on a weekend

Is Copenhagen cheap? How much money do you need to go on a weekend trip there? To answer these two questions, I’ve prepared a detailed account of all the expenses I had when I ventured to explore the Danish capital in August 2016.


Let me be honest with you: Copenhagen has been on my bucket list for ages. But the truth is, as much as I’ve been longing to visit the land of Hamlet and eat the Danish pastry, I knew that I’d probably have to rob a bank before I’d be able to book a trip there. Or, at the very least, get a job or something. (That, however, seemed like a ridiculous idea until 2015 ????.) According to CNN, Copenhagen has been consistently remaining in the list of the world’s most expensive cities. And as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t been featured in the list of the richest and most eligible bachelorettes recently. So for this reason, I’ve been postponing a visit to Copenhagen, waiting for better times to arrive.

Recently, however, I decided to say “fuck it” (it was indeed what I said) and booked myself a weekend trip to Copenhagen with my friend Did. After all, expensive cities won’t get any less expensive in the near future and I probably won’t win the lottery in the near future, either. So what’s the point postponing any longer? Together, Did and I have been oohing and aahing over everything we saw in Copenhagen, exploring the sights, the food, and the local prices.

We arrived on Friday at 10pm and left on Sunday at 5 pm, spending exactly 43 hours in the Danish capital. And here’s an exact breakdown of much money we’ve spent there (per person).

Is Copenhagen cheap? Here's a total price breakdown of a typical weekend to Copenhagen to give you an idea.

Is Copenhagen cheap? Total price breakdown:


26 EUR — from Berlin to Copenhagen with Norwegian Airlines

42 EUR — from Copenhagen to Berlin with Easyjet


71 EUR for two nights in Airbnb

Note: Copenhagen appears to be RIDICULOUSLY expensive when it comes to accommodation. A night in a hostel (8 dorm bed) can cost you around 40 EUR per night. A night in a cheap(er) hotel can range from 120 to 150 EUR. Even Airbnb was quite expensive — the prices can range from 60 to 300 EUR per night, per person.

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30 EUR for two days (per person) to rent bikes in a small local shop.


Dinner (pizza): 30 EUR per person

Brunch (croissant, avocado on toast, etc): 22 EUR

Breakfast (porridge): 12 EUR

Snacks (the amazing smorrebrod): 10 EUR

Pastry (two spectacular cinnamon rolls): 10 EUR



One beer in a bar: 7 EUR

Bottle of wine with bread, olive oil and olives: 16 EUR



The Round Tower: 9 EUR

Note: Most sights in Copenhagen are free to see, e.g. Little Mermaid, The Marble Church, etc.



Little shopping here and there: 50 EUR



335 EUR spent on a weekend trip.


That is, if you don’t go party like crazy, if you don’t go to fancy restaurants, but if you don’t deny yourself that extra cinnamon roll and a cappuccino. For a moderate, nice, pleasant, chill weekend in Copenhagen, you should have at least 300 EUR in your pocket.

Just to compare: if you go to Berlin, this money can last you for a full week. But after all, different cities have different things to offer.

I found Copenhagen to be one of the loveliest capitals in Europe: it is a genuinely nice place to be. Being there is like living a postcard dream. So I’m definitely going to come back there one day — I’m just afraid that it’s not going to be as soon as I’d like.