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Exploring the #BestOfBerlin

Even though I’ve been living in Berlin for already six months (wow, time does fly, doesn’t it?), I didn’t really have the chance to explore it for 100%. Because let’s face it, life is a bit different when you’re an expat with a full-time job rather than a tourist — somehow there’s less time left for sightseeing and museuming.

But luckily for me, visitBerlin recently gave me a Berlin Welcome Card as a gift, so that I could explore the best of Berlin in 48 hours. And so I did! And in case you’re thinking about getting this card too, let me tell you what’s it all about and how to get the best out of it.

Tourists at Branderbug Gate in Berlin Image source: visitBerlin

What is Berlin Welcome Card?

To keep it short, BWC is a discount card that gives you up to 50% off to Berlin’s coolest attractions.

What does it cover?

There are four Card types that you can buy: 48h, 72h, Museum Island special 72h, and 5 days. They all have different pricing depending on the duration and depending on the travel zone. For your information, Berlin is divided into three zones — A, B and C — with the last one already covering the city of Potsdam. So if you buy the basic 48h ticket that costs 21,50 EUR, you already get a 14,8 EUR-worth deal on free public transportation within Berlin and within Potsdam, too. Which is cool.

But then, of course, are all the discounts to over 200 places in Berlin — museums, restaurants, city tours, bus tours, boat tours, castles ballets and operas, spas and even things like Base Flying.

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Base Flying (Berlin, Germany) Me jumping off a scyscraper the other day.

How to get the best out of Berlin Welcome Card?

Prioritizing – that’s how you make the best of it. When there’s so much to see and the clock is ticking, your decisions have to be strategic. The best strategy is to combine a variety of activities in one day – a museum (or two) of your choice, a restaurant and maybe some wellness procedures.

I decided to split my 48h Card equally between Berlin and Potsdam. In Berlin, I planned to see 4 museums. It sounds crazy, I know, but because Berlin isn’t really big and because nearly all the must-see museums are located in the city centre, my plan was absolutely doable. Here’s where I’ve been in just one day:

Checkpoint Charlie Museum 12,50 9,30 EUR
Berlinische Gallery (Museum of Modern Art) 8 5 EUR
Bauhaus Archiv (Museum of Design) 7 5 EUR
Salvador Dalí Museum 12,50 9,30 EUR

Berlin is famous for its museums and art galleries, actually, so if you’re in the city, you should definitely explore the Museum Island, visit the Jewish Museum and get yourself familiar with Berlin’s art scene. Luckily, the Welcome Card comes with a sizeable guide highlighting all the hot spots of Berlin and a detailed city map.

Entrance to the Berlin Gallery

Berlinische Galerie

The exhibit in Bauhaus Archiv, a design gallery in Berlin The exhibit piece in Bauhaus Archiv

Next day, I took my restless feet to Potsdam to spend a day in the local Biosphere — an indoor tropical botanical garden full of butterflies, birds, frogs, iguanas, pheasants and other lovely wild animals.

Entrance: 11,50 8.6 EUR

Beautiful Hibiscus flower in Biosphare Potsdam Beautiful Hibiscus flower in Biosphare Potsdam

So in total, I saved up 14.3 EUR on museum entries, which isn’t bad at all but isn’t that much of a deal breaker either, if you ask me. At the same time, if you’re traveling on the cheap, your wallet will be happy to welcome any extra buck. Berlin Welcome Card is, however, not a money-saving project — instead, its aim is to help you see the very best of Berlin in the most efficient way. And since cost and value are different things, it might be a good idea to invest in this city pass so that it organises your sightseeing activities in a structured manner. I call it “a Germanised kinda travel”.

If you’re planning your first ever trip to Germany’s capital, here’s a super detailed 48h tour that covers #thebestofBerlin (you can explore the hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration, by the way). But even if you’ve been living in the city for a while, just like me, Berlin Welcome Card is still an amazing opportunity to get to know Berlin better. After all, in a city that has something new to offer every single day, you always feel a little bit like a tourist.

Read more about Berlin Welcome Card here!

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Have you ever tried Berlin Welcome Card? What’s your opinion about it?

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