11 Most Haunted Castles In Europe

What are the most haunted castles in Europe?

Forget your average fantasies about castles. In these castles, you’ll find no princesses and no Rapunzels. Instead, you’ll find shrieking ghosts of murdered priests, unrested souls of witches and the literal gateway to hell. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s one thing we can be sure of: Europe claims to have a lot haunted castles where ghosts are reported to be permanent residents. Here’s a list of 11 gorgeous (but haunted!) castles in Europe. Would you stay the night?

The 11 Most Haunted Castles In Europe

1. Bran Castle, Romania

Location: Transylvania.
Known for: Being Count Dracula’s playground.
Famous ghosts: Dracula’s victims.

Bran Castle, Romania, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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2. Leap Castle, Ireland

Location: Coolderry, County Offaly.
Known for: Being the most haunted castle in Ireland.
Famous ghosts: a murdered priest in Bloody Chapel, spirits of tortured prisoners in the dungeon, and the Elemental — a dark creature spelling of rotting flesh, with a human face and black pools of eyes.

Leap Castle, Ireland, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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3. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

Location: the island of Zealand.
Known for: the strongest medieval castle in Denmark to withstand the army of the enemies in the 16th century.
Famous ghosts: A Grey Lady — a “good”” ghost who returns to the castle to make sure all is well; A White Lady — a young woman imprisoned and starved to death by her own father; and the Earl of Bothwell — also known as James Hepburn, the third husband of Mary Queen of Scots, who went insane while he was imprisoned in the castle.

Dragsholm Castle, Denmark, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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4. Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Location: the village of Predjama.
Known for: Being built within a cave + 700 years of violent history.
Famous ghosts: tortured prisoners in the torture chamber.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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5. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Location: Built high upon a plug of an extinct volcano, standing between sea and hills.
Known for: Being one of the most haunted spots in Scotland.
Famous ghosts: an old man in a leather apron, little headless drummer boy, a mysterious piper who was lost in the tunnels below.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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6. Frankenstein Castle, Germany

Location: Darmstadt.
Known for: Serving as inspiration for Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel, Frankenstein.
Famous ghosts: Creepy sounds coming from the entrance tower, as well as screaming in Old German coming the chapel.

Frankenstein Castle, Germany, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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7. Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Location: near Prague.
Known for: Being built on a bottomless pit and referred to as Gate to Hell.
Famous ghosts: Half-animal-half-man creatures crawling out of the pit, as well as dark winged creatures flying out.


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8. Brissac Castle, France

Location: The province of Anjou in the Loire Valley.
Known for: Being the tallest castle in France.
Famous ghosts: the Green Lady, known as Charlotte de Brézé, an illegitimate daughter of Charles VII of France, who was murdered by her own husband when he caught her in the arms of her lover.  Green Lady is described to have the most disturbing face of a corpse with gaping holes instead of eyes and nose. She sometimes also moans early in the morning.


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9. Moosham Castle, Austria

Location: near Unternberg, state of Salzburg.
Known for: tens of thousands witches executed on the grounds of this castle during Salzburg Witch Trails.
Famous ghosts: unrested souls of the supposed witches who keep haunting the grounds.


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10. Castle of Bardi (Landi Castle), Italy

Location: Bardi, the Province of Parma.
Known for: Having its own Romero-and-Juliet-like tragic love story about Soleste, the daughter of the lord of Castle Bardi, who was in love with the captain of the knights, Moroello.
Famous ghosts: The ghost of Moroello wandering the castle grounds searching for his lost love.


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11. Horst Castle, Belgium

Location: nearby Aarschot
Known for: Being a half-ruined Flemish Renaissance castle set on the edge of a lake
Famous ghosts: the ghost of Lord of Rode, who has murdered a priest in the 15th century and now keeps coming back every day at midnight in a carriage pulled by six wild horses

Horst Castle, Belgium

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Over to you! Which one of these haunted castles gives you creeps?

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