The Most Famous Art Nouveau Buildings In Europe

Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil, is a style in art and architecture that was popular during the last 19th and the early 20th centuries. It’s main characteristics are curves and lines, natural shapes and forms, and, of course, abundance of floral elements. Architects tried to become ‘one element’ with the natural environment. Their incredible effort left us with some of the world’s most beautiful buildings. I thus present you the most famous buildings in the style of Art Nouvea that you can find in Europe!

Riga, Latvia

Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia // The Russian Abroad

Address: 10b Elizabetes Street, Centre
Architect: M. Eisenstein, 1903


Prague, Czech Republic

Art Nouveau in Prague, Czech Republic // Hotel Central

Address: “Hotel Central”, 10 Hybernska Street, Prague 1
Architect: by Bedřich Ohmann and his students Bedřich Bendelmayer and Alois Dryák (1899-1902)

Prague City Hall is one of the finest examples of the Art Nouveau architecture. The interior design is done by Alfons Mucha himself.

Address: “Municipal House (City Hall)”, Náměstí republiky 5, Prague 1
Architect: Osvald Polívka and Antonín Balšánek, 1905-1912


Wroclaw, Poland

Prusa building in Wroclaw, Poland // Art Nouveau in Europe

Address: “Prusa”, ul. Prusa 5 / ul. Świętokrzyska 57
Architect: Wilhelm Heller, 1902


Krakow, Poland

Stary (Old) Theater in Krakow, Poland // Art Nouveau in Europe

Address: Stary (Old) Theatre, 5 Jagiellonska Street, Old Town
Architect: Szczepan Humbert, 1798-1799


Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló is Antonio Gaudi's most famous building // Art Nouveau in Europe

Address: “Casa Batlló”, Passeig de Gràcia, 43
Architect: Antonio Gaudi, 1904


Budapest, Hungary

Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest, Hungary // Art Nouveau in Europe

Address: 33-37 Üllői Street, 1091 Budapest
Architect: Ödön Lechner, 1893-1896


Vienna, Austria

Art Nouveau in Vienna, Austria // The Russian Abroad

Address: Untitled, 38 Linke Wienzeile, 1060
Architect: Otto Wagner, 1898-1899


Paris, France

Céramic Hôtel in Paris, France // Art Nouveau in Europe

Address: “Céramic Hôtel”, 34 Avenue de Wagram
Architect: Jules Lavirotte, 1904

29 Ave. Rapp // Paris, France // Art Nouveau in Europe
The famous Art Nouveau door in Paris // 29 Avenue Rapp, 7th arrondissement

Address: 29 Avenue Rapp, 7th arrondissement
Architect: Jules Lavirotte, 1909


Brussels, Belgium

Cauchie House // Art Nouveau in Brussels

Address: “Cauchie House”, Rue des Francs 5, 1040 Etterbeek
Architect: Paul Cauchie, 1905


Address: “Maison Saint-Cyr”, Square Ambiorix 11
Architect: Gustave Strauven, 1903

The Old England House in Brussels // Art Nouveau

Address: “The Old England House” (now: Musical Instrument Museum), Rue Montagne de la Cour 2
Architect: Barnabé Guimard, 1877

All images were taken from Pinterest – Follow @therusabroad on Pinterest!

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Do you know other famous Art Nouveau buildings that I can add to the list?

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  • woww, amazing photos! art nuveau is my favorite style in art and architecture! and gustav klimt and hunderwasser are my favorite artists. I have seen most of this buildings, however musical instrument house is still on my bucket list! have a nice day! :)

  • Glad to see Polish buildings too! :) great pictures!

    • Poland is wonderful, it should be in every most-beautiful-anything list!

  • These are an absolutely beautiful selection. Wow!

  • A great collection of buildings :) Really loved the one in Barcelona.

  • That is really true. Those are the best of Europe!! Cute post!

  • It’s nice to see art nouveau – all in one post. We’ve seen quite a bit, but they are definitely a fascinating sight to ponder. I’ve loved Casa Batillo in Barcelona.

  • Wow, these are some beautiful buildings! I love the doorway of the one in France – so ornate!

    • I like it too! Next time I’m in Paris, I will actually look for it. Good that I found the address already, hehe :)

  • Am a huge fan of art nouveau architecture. I have visited over half of the buildings on this list and have to admit that each one is even more beautiful in person. Great post! :D

  • I love architecture and find art nouveau so much fun! I’ve only been to the Municipal House in Prague and Casa Batllo in Spain on your list… looks like I have many other places to explore!