The Doors In Riga

a door in Riga

Riga is often compared to Paris: Little Paris, The Second City That Never Sleeps, The Paris of the North, The Paris of Eastern Europe, and so on, and so forth. And one of the many things that make Riga indeed similar to Paris is its doors.

Every door in Riga in unique and every door has its own character. I was born in Riga, and yet I never paid attention to this little architectural aspect until recently, when I decided to look at my hometown with the eyes of a tourist. And simply because I like you, I decided that you deserve to see the doors of Riga, too. I mean, they’re stunningly beautiful, aren’t they?

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

a door in Riga

The Yellow Brother in Riga, Latvia

Over to you! Have you spotted any beautiful doors lately?

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  • Beautiful photos! :)

  • I always say this when I see pictures of the Baltic States, but it looks so much like the old styles in Russia – just nicer! :) SO beautiful!

    • Now I’m going to pay attention to the Russian doors next time I’m there :)

  • Those are beautiful! Isn’t it great what we can find in our own hometowns? I admit that I ignore my city in favor of new and exotic locations (or just a 2-hour drive to the coast), but there are probably some really neat things hanging around here that I’ve missed. I’m glad you shared these. You’ve inspired me to see what interesting things are here in Salem, Oregon.

    • Isn’t Oregon one of the most gorgeous states in the U.S.? I bet there’s a loooot of fantastic things for you to explore in Salem, you just need to get a new pair of eyes, so to speak, like I did :)

  • Omg!! The doors are pretty impressive! And you got pictures of so many doors it’s almost creepy haha

    And the notebooks are just adorable! I’m a big notebook addict, I have so many but not as cute as these 3 little guys! I’m in love with them! Hope to be the lucky winner! Fingers crossed!

    • hahaha, you would be shocked if you knew how many door pictures I actually have! What made to this post is nothing compared to the huge file that I made :D
      Good luck at the competition!!!

  • I have an almost ready post with “Windows of Europe” :) I have hundreds of photos of windows from my last trip to Europe which I absolutely HAVE to share! It’s the thing about windows (and doors) – they depict the personality, the flair of the place and the people living there.

    • Send me the link when it’s online!

  • What a lovely collection! Munich, my hometown, has a lot of doorways from the Jugendstil time – i should set out and take pictures of them, i guess!
    thx for sharing.

    • Absolutely! I bet there’s a lot of gorgeous doors to marvel at in Munich, so you should definitely share that in your blog!

  • I love your homeland Olga.

    • Thank you Hassan! I love my homeland too :)

  • What a wonderful idea! I love the pictures! :)
    PS: I hope to have luck in your giveaway – the notebooks are superlovely :)

    • Thank you!! Hope you participated ;)

  • These doors are so beautiful! I love this style of quirky architecture.

  • emi

    okay, this post is so up my alley! i LOVE all of the doors — you did the best job collecting them! traveler after my own heart..