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How To Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Out of many challenges that lie ahead of solo traveling, making friends seems to be one of them. Because seriously, who do you talk to if you’re alone all the time? You go sightseeing alone, you eat alone –…

How to stay healthy while traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Let’s face it: as much as travel can be good for your soul, it can also be bad for your body. There are so many unhealthy choices we make while we travel that when you come to think about…

The ultimate travel packing list!

The Very Ultimate Travel Packing List

During my 23 years of living, I’ve travelled to 14 countries and lived as an expat on 2 continents. Now, that doesn’t really mean that I’m a packing pro. God knows I’m not. I used to pack everything I…

Learn how to study abroad for free!

How To Study Abroad For Free (My Story)

When you’re a student and are in your early twenties, there’s always one thing you want to do more and one thing you want to do less: more travel, less studying. For most students, however, combining travels with studies…

So cute :)

How To Get Ready For A Perfect Winter Getaway

When it’s all cold, snowy, and stormy, the only thing you can be thinking about is a warm winter getaway. Just imagine: you, beach, pina colada, sunset, your glowing skin, your happy white smile – what can be better?…


How To Survive The Heat In A Tropical Country

When I first came to Ecuador, I thought I would be having so much fun outside, sunbathing all day long, getting tanned, enjoying the sunny weather… Instead, I basically locked myself inside the house and only left it on…