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10 Things Switzerland Is Famous For

10 Cool Things Switzerland Is Famous For

Surprisingly enough, out of 51 countries that Europe has to offer, Switzerland isn’t that popular among us travelers. In fact, it isn’t even in the Top 10. The reason for that, though, isn’t the lack of beautiful sights, boring…

The ultimate guide to hiking around Zurich and Üetliberg

Hiking Near Zurich: Exploring Uetliberg

Zurich is famous for many things and one of them is, of course, its awesome location. Right at the lake, amidst the Albis mountain chain, this city is indeed the most wonderful place you can have the pleasure of…

Basel, Switzerland, is famous for many things. And one of them - is its beautiful doors!

The Doors in Basel

The small city of Basel in Switzerland is a magical place. Located on the river Rhein, it has lots of history, lots of charm and lots of beautiful doors – which I love. In fact, I always look out for…