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Postcards from Latvia (Photo Diary)

I have to admit: I don’t come home often enough. Ever since I moved abroad to study, I come back to Latvia maybe twice or so per year. And somehow, each and every time, I fall in love with…

Traditional Latvian Food: What's In The Menu?

Traditional Latvian Cuisine: What’s In The Menu?

Let’s cut straight to the point: many people don’t know about Latvia. But even less people know anything about Latvian food. You’d be surprised – there’s a lot of people even here, in Latvia, who don’t have a slightest…

a door in Riga

The Doors In Riga

Riga is often compared to Paris: Little Paris, The Second City That Never Sleeps, The Paris of the North, The Paris of Eastern Europe, and so on, and so forth. And one of the many things that make Riga…