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Inside the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

This Is How Hamburg’s Best Museum Looks Like

When I was on a visit to Hamburg last year, I was mostly spending my time there aimlessly wandering around, eating lots of fish and enjoying the vibes of the harbour (Hamburg is a port city). And while stress-free,…

Fischland Darß Zingst — a long, narrow peninsula located in the north of the country.

A Mini-Guide To Fischland Darß Zingst

Being a big fan of weekend trips, and having lived in Berlin for almost a year now, I somehow never made it to the German coast. Big mistake. Not only it’s easy to get there from Deutschland’s capital, but…


Colors of Berlin (+FREE giveaway!)

Few weeks ago, when the weather in Berlin wasn’t that shitty yet (excuse my French), I decided there was no time to waste: those were the sunny days, those were the happy days, so better take advantage of them while…

Have you heard of Saxon Switzerland?

Have You Heard Of Saxon Switzerland?

If you haven’t, let me fix this unfortunate injustice and tell you more about Saxon Switzerland — a place that, as a matter of fact, isn’t actually in Switzerland. Located in Germany, on the border with the Czech Republic,…


Lost In The Tropics: Biosphere Potsdam

Since mornings in Berlin are so fresh and chilly, the trees are slowly losing their colorful garments, and the general atmosphere is getting a bit nostalgic, I thought there wasn’t a better time to take a break into the tropics.…