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Have you heard of Saxon Switzerland?

Have You Heard Of Saxon Switzerland?

If you haven’t, let me fix this unfortunate injustice and tell you more about Saxon Switzerland — a place that, as a matter of fact, isn’t actually in Switzerland. Located in Germany, on the border with the Czech Republic,…

7 Things You Can't Miss in Beautiful Nuremberg

7 Things To Do In Nuremberg (That Are A Must)

Looking for things to do in Nuremberg on a short weekend trip? Then you’re in the right place. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this summer’s bucket list is exploring Germany from inside out. I’ve…

Barcomi’s Deli

Brunch in Berlin: Where Do You Go?

Long time ago, before Berlin was cool, the food in the city kinda sucked. I mean, you can’t really survive on Currywurst for too long – nutritionally, aesthetically, inspirationally, it’s not really IT. But ever since Berlin became the…


10 Reasons To Visit Leipzig This Year

If you’ve never heard of Leipzig, don’t worry – this is your chance to get to know the city that makes every German smile with the dearest of all smiles. Why? Well, let me put it that way –…