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7 Things You Can't Miss in Beautiful Nuremberg

7 Things To Do In Nuremberg (That Are A Must)

Looking for things to do in Nuremberg on a short weekend trip? Then you’re in the right place. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this summer’s bucket list is exploring Germany from inside out. I’ve…

Germany's best less-travelled towns are seriously underestimated!

10 Cutest Small Towns In Germany

Is it worth visiting small towns in Germany? My answer is — and has always been — yes, of course they are! They’re full of history, charm, and magic, and offer a perfect escape from the bustling lives of…

Barcomi’s Deli

Brunch in Berlin: Where Do You Go?

Long time ago, before Berlin was cool, the food in the city kinda sucked. I mean, you can’t really survive on Currywurst for too long – nutritionally, aesthetically, inspirationally, it’s not really IT. But ever since Berlin became the…

German stereotypes - true or false?

8 False German Stereotypes

Just a few years ago, Germany was pronounced the world’s most popular country. Meanwhile, the Germans are one of those unlucky nations that are marked by the world’s stickiest stereotypes. But are those German stereotypes really true? Everyone has…

Reasons to visit Germany at least once in your lifetime..

Why You Should Travel To Germany At Least Once

There are plenty of countries carrying the ‘must-go-to’ lable. And Germany is certainly one of them. But if you were not planning to check it off your bucket list just yet, let me persuade you to do the opposite.…

The best gelato in Berlin!

How You Can Eat The World In Berlin

I love food. I am also a firm believer that, whenever you travel, trying local dishes is as important as sightseeing. Food IS a part of the whole traveling experience, and I always feel that those who miss out…