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The best gelato in Berlin!

How You Can Eat The World In Berlin

I love food. I am also a firm believer that, whenever you travel, trying local dishes is as important as sightseeing. Food IS a part of the whole traveling experience, and I always feel that those who miss out…

Traditional Latvian Food: What's In The Menu?

Traditional Latvian Cuisine: What’s In The Menu?

Let’s cut straight to the point: many people don’t know about Latvia. But even less people know anything about Latvian food. You’d be surprised – there’s a lot of people even here, in Latvia, who don’t have a slightest…

ecuadorian chocolate

Ecuador Has The Best Chocolate In The World

For many people, Ecuador is a dream come true because of its spectacular nature. And indeed, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s national parks are so beautiful that it’s no wonder they are considered to be some of the world’s…