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Museo del Prado - one of the best museums I have ever visited!

The Best Museums in Europe I Have Visited (So Far)

If you say “I like museums”, people usually think you have a boring personality. “Eewwww, museum girl, she doesn’t know how to have fun,” people think to themselves (or say it out loud). Sometimes, they also think that this…

Reasons to visit Germany at least once in your lifetime..

Why You Should Travel To Germany At Least Once

There are plenty of countries carrying the ‘must-go-to’ lable. And Germany is certainly one of them. But if you were not planning to check it off your bucket list just yet, let me persuade you to do the opposite.…

Germany's best less-travelled towns are seriously underestimated!

10 Cutest Small Towns In Germany

Is it worth visiting small towns in Germany? My answer is — and has always been — yes, of course they are! They’re full of history, charm, and magic, and offer a perfect escape from the bustling lives of…