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10 Reasons To Visit Leipzig This Year

If you’ve never heard of Leipzig, don’t worry – this is your chance to get to know the city that makes every German smile with the dearest of all smiles. Why? Well, let me put it that way –…

20 Hidden Gems in Eastern Europe

20 Hidden Gems In Eastern Europe

When you think of Europe, you usually think of London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam… all those flaring diamonds that sparkle so brightly that the other precious stones of Europe are unfairly outshone. But it only takes polishing a…

a door in Riga

The Doors In Riga

Riga is often compared to Paris: Little Paris, The Second City That Never Sleeps, The Paris of the North, The Paris of Eastern Europe, and so on, and so forth. And one of the many things that make Riga…

German stereotypes - true or false?

8 False German Stereotypes

Just a few years ago, Germany was pronounced the world’s most popular country. Meanwhile, the Germans are one of those unlucky nations that are marked by the world’s stickiest stereotypes. But are those German stereotypes really true? Everyone has…

Museo del Prado - one of the best museums I have ever visited!

The Best Museums in Europe I Have Visited (So Far)

If you say “I like museums”, people usually think you have a boring personality. “Eewwww, museum girl, she doesn’t know how to have fun,” people think to themselves (or say it out loud). Sometimes, they also think that this…