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Guide to Bulgaria (hiking the Musala Peak)

Your Complete Guide To Bulgaria

Some time ago, I embarked on a life-changing travel adventure in Bulgaria, a gorgeous little country neatly tucked away in the Balkan Peninsula. Offering a delicious menu of high-peaked mountains, sunny beaches, wonderful history and spectacular culture, I can…

Basel, Switzerland, is famous for many things. And one of them - is its beautiful doors!

The Doors in Basel

The small city of Basel in Switzerland is a magical place. Located on the river Rhein, it has lots of history, lots of charm and lots of beautiful doors – which I love. In fact, I always look out for…

7 Things You Can't Miss in Beautiful Nuremberg

7 Things You Can’t Miss In Nuremberg

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this summer’s bucket list is exploring Germany from inside out. I’ve been trying my best, really – experiencing the best of Berlin, eating bratwursts in Leipzig, visiting castles in…