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Finding the best spa towns in Germany

Finding the best spa towns in Germany

Hot springs. Thermal waters. Mineral-rich pools. Sounds lovely, aye? Spas are great, and ancient civilizations knew this ages ago — so if you think about it, all greatest civilizations of the past have chosen to settle around natural spa…

Guide to Bulgaria (hiking the Musala Peak)

Your Complete Guide To Bulgaria

Some time ago, I embarked on a life-changing travel adventure in Bulgaria, a gorgeous little country neatly tucked away in the Balkan Peninsula. Offering a delicious menu of high-peaked mountains, sunny beaches, wonderful history and spectacular culture, I can…

St Peter's Church in Riga, Latvia

10 Things To See In Riga In One Day

So you’ve only got one day to spend in Riga? Don’t worry. As many sites as there are to see in this gorgeous gem of a city, if you stick to this pick of 10, I promise you a relaxed, stress-free…

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, is one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

The 11 Most Haunted Castles In Europe

I love castles. But then again, who doesn’t? They’re big and spooky, they’re oh so pretty, and they have this irresistibly mysterious charm. The kind of charm that has something to do with ghosts. Yes, you heard me —…