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Galapagos Icelands tips before the trip

Things To Know Before You Arrive To The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is definitely one of the world’s most unique destinations. When I first went there, I was completely astounded by the beauty of that place and everything it had to offer. It was my first…

Bucay, Ecuador

3 Reasons To Visit Bucay in Ecuador

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, life isn’t necessarily a burst of color. There are lots of palms and flowers here and there, but because of the burning sun and lack of water everything green eventually turns into yellow. So it is…

ecuadorian chocolate

Ecuador Has The Best Chocolate In The World

For many people, Ecuador is a dream come true because of its spectacular nature. And indeed, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s national parks are so beautiful that it’s no wonder they are considered to be some of the world’s…

marine life in the Galapagos is a-ma-zing!

Exploring Marine Life in the Galapagos Islands

Before my trip to the Galapagos I never really thought about how diverse the marine ecosystem is. The Gulf of Riga in Latvia, where I originally come from, is quite shallow and not known for its snorkeling and scuba…


8 Things You Should Know About Ecuadorians

Living as an expat in Ecuador is definitely a big “shock” – culture shock, climate shock, food shock, everything shock. The most important “shock”, however, is the one regarding people and their behavior. There are so many things about…

el cajas national park in ecuador

4 Good Reasons To Visit Ecuador

Over the last few years Ecuador has become a popular destination among tourists from all over the world. There are indeed many reasons to visit Ecuador, the world’s leading green destination and the winner of World’s Travel Awards. Ecuador…

Christmas in Ecuador: Customs & Traditions

Christmas in Ecuador: How Is It Celebrated?

Christmas in Ecuador, or Navidad, is probably most celebrated holiday throughout the year. A religious country, Ecuador is also very family-oriented, so during Christmas family traditions are doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. Christmas is indeed family time, but there are,…