The “WOW” Castles In Europe You ABSOLUTELY Have To See

Chateau de Chambord, a castle in France

There are two types of castles in Europe: those that are ridiculously awesome and those that are absolutely fantastic. Every castle has a certain “wow” factor that makes visiting them an unforgettable experience. It feels so great to sink into the atmosphere of medievalty, imagine the life we only know from books now, touch the old stones and giggle at the absense of normal toilets (seriously, how did people live before?!).

I can’t repeat this often enough, but I’m a huge fan of castles. I’ve been to so many that I struggle to count them all, and yet ironically, my list keeps growing longer and longer all the time.

So here’s a few castles in Europe that I’ve been wanderlusting over lately! I’m pretty sure I’ll visit each and every one of them, but I guess I need to figure out how to extend my life first (that’s already another story, though). Anyways, here’s the list of 16!

1. Eltz Castle, Germany

Eltz Castle, Germany

2. Vorselaar Castle, Belgium

Vorselaar Castle, Belgium

3. Pierrefonds Castle, France

Pierrefonds Castle, France

4. Mont St. Michel, France

Mont St. Michel, France

5. St. Michael’s Mount, England

St. Michael’s Mount

6. Pena Castle, Portugal

Pena Castle, Portugal

7. Krasiczynie Castle, Poland

Zamek w Krasiczynie Poland

8. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Lichtenstein Castle

9. Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland

Chateau de Chillon

10. Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Egeskov Castle, Denmark

11. Rosenborg Castle, Denmark

rosenborg castle

12. St. Olaf’s Castle, Sweden

St. Olaf's Castle

13. Turku Castle, Finland

Turku Castle Finland

14. Peleş Castle, Romania

 Peleş Castle, Romania

15. Vaduz Castle, Lichtenstein

Vaduz Castle, Lichtenstein

16. Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic

Stunning castles in Europe that you absolutely have to see!!

So! What’s your verdict? Do these castles have the “WOW” factor?? 

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  • All these castles are WOW indeed! Glad to see my beloved Peles Castle made the list, it’s sooo beautiful!

    • Olga Rabo

      It’s super cool indeed! And probably the most colourful one on this list, too :)

  • Judith Sichlinger

    I’ve been to St Michael’s Mount and Mont St Michel.
    Mont St. Michel is incredible, it’s basically a castle-island. So fascinating. There are a zillion beautiful little towns in that area, I loved it.

    I visited St Michael’s Mount two years ago. It was beautiful as well, not only is the castle stunning and has an amazing tour, there is also a beautiful botanical garden around the actual castle. The castle is located in Cornwall, which is a beautiful region anyway and definitely wirth a visit!!

    • Olga Rabo

      That all sounds fantastic, Judy! Just hearing about it gives me itchy feet!!

  • Victor Tribunsky

    Olga. This is a good set of castles, but it seems you didn’t see the most beautiful castles of Europe, at least, on my mind. For example, Alcazar of Segovia, Spain, and Neuschwanstein, Bavaria. I am glad that this pleasure is waiting for you.

    • Olga Rabo

      Hey Victor!
      Oh, I did see Neuschwanstein last summer – it was stunning!! But I guess everybody knows about it anyways, so I wanted to include something a bit more special :)

      Haven’t heard of the Spanish castle you mentioned, but just googled it – looks absolutely fantastic!! Have you been there?

    • Victor Tribunsky
  • Natasha Kingsbury

    Beautiful! I’ve always thought it would be so fun to do a castle tour around Europe… just hunting down the most beautiful castles, this confirms that I was correct… a castle tour would be amazing! And of course all the other things you’d get to see along the way wouldn’t hurt either ;)

    • Olga Rabo

      That’s exactly what I want to do this summer!! In Germany, there are so many “road tours” to take, like Romantic Road tour, or whatever. And there’s one for the castles too! The only problem that I’m afraid I’ve visited most of them in Germany already, haha.

  • Those are some beautiful castles and thanks for the great pictures. They look stunning.

    • Olga Rabo

      They ARE stunning, aren’t they???

      Thanks for your comment! xxx

  • I agree, all are very beautiful. And very old too. It’s like in Disney cartoon

  • Grassroots Nomad

    I’ve only been to Peles but the others really are stunning! I like number 9 in Switzerland the best!

  • Susan

    While it is folly built for the Marquis of Bute try to Google Castell Coch in South Wales it is a real fairy tale castle and the decorations in some of the rooms beautiful.

  • Daniel Schwabe

    Hi, you have used my image without proper attribution. Please include a credit and a link to the original photo.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Schwabe

    • Hey Daniel!
      Sorry about that and thanks for pointing this out and reaching out to me.
      The link you provided doesn’t seem to be working for me (it gives me an error 404) — could you give me a full link instead of a shortened version?

  • AlicevstheWorld

    These are all jaw-droppingly pretty, I want to explore them all!