Brunch in Berlin: Where Do You Go?

Long time ago, before Berlin was cool, the food in the city kinda sucked. I mean, you can’t really survive on Currywurst for too long – nutritionally, aesthetically, inspirationally, it’s not really IT. But ever since Berlin became the IT-city, the food there magically improved. And with the food improved the locations where you can eat that food. Nutritionally, aesthetically, inspirationally, a Berlin brunch is everything you need to refill your sources of energy. So without much ado, I’d like to introduce the crème de la crème of the very best brunch spots in Berlin!

1. Barcomi’s Deli

I love Barcomi´s! And indeed – what’s not to love about it? It’s simple, clean, fresh, super comfortable and super welcoming, and it’s located in Hackescher Markt, one of the nicest areas in Berlin (according to me). And also, their sandwiches are, like, the hugest sandwiches ever. Seriously, they’re so big it looks intimidating.

Where: Sophienstr. 21
Order: Birchermüsli and New York cheesecake

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2. Alpenstück

A restaurant, a café, and a bakery in one, Alpenstück is a breath of fresh air. With its super minimalistic interior design, the menu in Alpenstück is even more basic: just some 3-4 types of breakfast, 2-3 types of salads, 5 types of bread… But the less the better, as they say.

Where: Gartenstr. 9
Order: Salmon salad

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3. Einstein Cafe

Even though this is a famous chain and chains are usually not as great as those small family-run places with authentic atmosphere that we all love, Café Einstein is a great exception because the atmosphere there is more laid-back & chic than Berlin itself. It’s a great place with lots of history behind it, so if you’re looking forward to traveling back in time, this is what you need.

Where: Café Einstein in the Kurfürstenstraße
Order: Scrambled eggs

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4. Roamers

Probably one of the best of some of the least known brunch spots in Berlin. Food in Roamers doesn’t only taste great – it also just looks beautiful. The way they put that French toast on your plate is worth every euro you pay for it. When you enter Roamers, you’re reminded that “you’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way”. These are words to live by, aren’t they?

Where: Panierstr. 64
Order: Anything

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Breakfast perfection in Berlin ❤️

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5. Silo Coffee

When you leave Roamers and go to the other side of the river Spree, you will leave Neukölln and find yourself in Friedrichschain. There, in a street that seems so quiet, is a brunch place with the most vibrant, dynamic and yet chill atmosphere you can experience in Berlin. Everything about Silo Coffee screams art but in the most unpretentious way possible – their interior design, their food, their coffee… This is a real hobo chic café.

Where: Gabriel-Max-Straße 4
Order: Organic poached eggs with avocado, mushrooms and beans

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6. Shakespeare and Sons

Books and bagels – is there anything else that goes that perfectly together? The answer is NO. Shakespeare and Sons is a cocktail of fresh bagels, art events, and great literature (in English and French). If you’re looking for a cosy, warm den you just want to snuggle into with a good book, coffee and cake, this is the place.

Where: Warschauer Str. 74/Raumerstraße 36
Order: Any bagel your heart desires.

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Did I miss another awesome Berlin brunch spot? Let me know in the comments!

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