A Mini-Guide To Fischland Darß Zingst

Fischland Darß Zingst — a long, narrow peninsula located in the north of the country.

Being a big fan of weekend trips, and having lived in Berlin for almost a year now, I somehow never made it to the German coast. Big mistake. Not only it’s easy to get there from Deutschland’s capital, but it is also one of the most soul-soothing and eye-pleasing places you ever could see.

So last weekend I finally paid a long-awaited visit to the German coast, travelling to Fischland Darß Zingst — a long, narrow peninsula located in the north of the country.

The weather is always at its windiest best at the German Ostsee!

If you’re asking yourself why you should visit Fischland Darß Zingst, a good answer I can give you is that it belongs to The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area, Germany’s third biggest national park. And we all know what the words “national park” actually conceal: beauty, landscapes, and good mood, aka the three things everybody enjoys having!

The Western Pomerania has three big(ish) islands, lots of tiny islets and multiple lagoons in between, and the peninsula or Fischland Darß Zingst, which is where I’ve been.

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German Ostsee

First, I arrived in Prerow, a fisher’s town that must have been the tiniest town I’ve ever visited. And yet, it is, quite surprisingly, the largest village in Darß. Even more surprisingly, every shop was closed in Prerow (even those stating that they were open) and no human, dead or alive, was spotted in the empty streets.

So I did the best thing I could do: renting a bike and getting the hell out of there. To Zingst, I was telling myself, to Zingst!

But before I left Prerow, I went on cycling into the lagoons.

The lagoons are part of the Darss-Zingst Bodden Chain, a string of several lagoons, which are 197 km² in surface and only 2m in depth. Somehow, they reminded me of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Conan Doyle. Don’t you agree?

Fischland Darß Zingst

The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area

When I finally got to the sea shore, the weather was at its windiest best. The sea had a greenish metallic shade (which I find to be exceptionally beautiful) and the beach was full of wonderfully coloured stones. I collected grey, orange and black. I wish I could show them to you but I forgot to take a picture.

When enough was enough, meaning that when it got colder and windier that I could bear, I found my way back to the bike and cycled to Zingst. In the darkness. Under the rain. Amidst the fast-driving cars. Like some real’ crazy Russian (which is what I am).

It’s easy to find a spontaneous accommodation in Zingst, though — the place is living off tourists so just look out for a sign with “Zimmer frei” on it, and you’ll get a room to stay overnight for some 12 EUR or so.

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After a good night sleep, it was time to explore the real coast of the Fischland Darß Zingst. Luckily, it wasn’t that far away. 

The beach at Fischland Darß Zingst, Germany

The more I proceeded, the more I was amazed at how wild and untouched the beached started to look. There was nobody there — I mean, not a single living soul — and yes, you can blame the off season for it, but I prefer to think that’s because the place is still waiting for its Robinson Crusoe. I hope it will wait forever, though — it’s so nice to be the first one to leave the footprints on the sand, isn’t it?

Fischland Darß Zingst

Enjoying the see at Fischland Darß Zingst

Fischland Darß Zingst

German Ostsee <3

Over to you! What was the last time you got some vitamin sea?

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