7 Cafés in Berlin That You Will Love

Berlin has many best-somethings: best nightlife, best museums, best culture – you name it. But there is also something else that is living up to the world’s best – I’m talking about Berlin’s über cool cafés. Here in the German capital, they can be found literally on every corner, but I’ve picked 7 best cafés in Berlin I’m 100% sure you will love!

7 best cafés in Berlin

1. Westberlin Bar & Shop
Westberlin was one of the first coffee places that I tried when I just moved to Berlin. Even though the café is located super close to Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most crowded places in Berlin, it is easy to overlook. I chanced upon it quite randomly, and now it is my favourite chilling spot. Westberlin offers coffee, cake, lunch, and tons of magazines that you can dip into. That’s why I go there quite rarely, to be honest, because otherwise I get stuck in Westberlin for hours and hours.

Address: Friedrichstraße 215, 10969 Berlin

Westberlin cafe in Berlin via

2. The Barn
An impressively small coffee shop in Mitte, The Barn has won over the hearts of many Berliners. This café is a real find – there, you’ll get to choose from four different brewing methods, enjoy the seasonal changes in the menu, eat delicious cakes, and, finally, take lots pleasure in an exceptionally good cup of coffee. The Barn is claimed to be a pioneer in producing a high-quality coffee not just in Berlin, but in the whole Germany. So to say the least, The Barn has raised the bar high and it doesn’t intend to put it down.

Address: Auguststraße 58, 10119 Berlin

The Barn coffee bar in Berlin via

3. Bonanza Coffee
If you’re somewhere near Mauerpark and you’re seeing a huge queue to a place so small that you hardly notice it behind the people, you should know that you’ve just unlocked the last level of coffee quest in Berlin. Bonanza Coffee is a tiny café with its own roastery where you can buy the most delicious-smelling coffee beans.

Address: Oderberger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin

Bonanza Coffee // Berlin via

4. An einem Sonntag im August
The style of this café is so weird (i.e. so Berlin): instead of normal chairs and tables, An einem Sonntag im August has wooden stairs with pillows and books, which people, apparently, find to be a perfect combination. The place has a very peculiar Berlin atmosphere that you should definitely experience while sipping August’s cappuccinos and trying out cheesecakes.

Address: Kastanienallee 103, 10435 Berlin

An einem Sonntag im August // Berlin via

5. Five Elephant
If you’re looking for the best cheesecake in the city, go to Five Elephant – the whole Berlin is talking about it! The cheesecakes there are made based on a secret recipe that was developed by the café owner’s grandmother ages ago. Nobody knows what’s in it, but everybody admits that the Five Elephant cheesecake is lighter than air and creamier than clouds!

Address: Reichenberger Str. 101, 10999 Berlin

Five Elephant: the best cheesecake in Berlin! via

6. Aunt Benny
Aunt Benny stands out with its clean minimalist design and a fresh, creative atmosphere that puts Starbucks to shame. In addition to very decent breakfasts offered at Aunt Benny, you can also find there the perfect brownie – crunchy and soft at the same time, it will take you to the seventh heaven. I promise.

Address: Oderstr. 7, Enter Jessnerstraße, 10247 Berlin

Aunt Benny: the prettiest cafe in Berlin! via

7. Oliv Café
Yummy – that’s what you think when you step in Oliv Café. If you love German cakes (and who doesn’t?!), then you’ll be dazzled by all the Apfel- and Pflaumenkuchen, Schokobrötchens, Croissants, and other little bakery masterpieces found in Olive Café. The place itself is spacious, grey and is made of concrete, which makes you feel like there’s just cake and you in the whole galaxy and that nothing can ever disturb you two.

Address: Münzstraße 8, 10178 Berlin

Oliv Cafe // Berlin

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  • I’ll have to remember this if I’m ever in Berlin. These all look like great spots!

  • Ha I must be in a caffeine deprived fog, that feature image looks incredibly inviting! What a fantastic selection and variety of cafes

    • Thank you Toni! Glad you liked them :)

  • Wish I had read this before my trip to berlin, I love sampling cities cafe culture

    • I bet you will come back to Berlin one day, so you’ll get the chance to explore the city’s coffee culture :)

  • One thing that we don’t have in Italy are cozy places like the ones you described here. I love love love coffee, so much so that I drink decaf, so I can have more of it. Here in Italy, espresso is the way to go. You have one sip, and that is all. No reason to make the place cozy. Italians are used to having coffee on the go, it is such a quick business that we don’t even have take away cups, because really, it takes a second to sip that espresso. Bar tenders even look at me like I am crazy when I ask to have a “caffé lungo” or an “americano”. I would love to have a place here where I could drink a nice coffee, relax reading a book, and maybe even take my laptop to work a bit!

    • That’s shocking for me to hear – Italians don’t have coffee bars? You should put up your own business then! I bet it will be a success!

  • What cool spaces. I haven’t been to Berlin in years and it seems to have changed beyond all recognition since then. Love the look of that cheesecake too.

    • You know the expression – Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin? It’s because Berlin always changes and never ever stays the same!
      That’s why you can come back every time here and see something different! Including coffee bars :)

  • Ahh, I miss Germany and Berlin in particular! I studied abroad near Dusseldorf last year and absolutely love the cozy cafes and restaurants. This makes me want to go back, thanks for sharing!

  • What a fantastic and timely post as my bf is off to Berlin in June and is a massive coffee drinker…..will past this on. Think it will come in very useful!

    • Oh, that’s great! These coffee bars are really great, and I’m sure he will like them!

  • what fun looking places. We do have a coffee bar trend here in London too, but somehow the Berlin ones look more authentic

    • I haven’t had the chance to explore London’s coffee bars, to be honest! But I bet there have to be very authentic places, too!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I’m a big cafe fan!

  • They all look wonderful – you’ve made me wish I had a warm cup in front of me now.

  • What a fun post! I love all the minimalist decor. Nothing to distract from good coffee and other treats!

    • That’s true! Plus, it looks very artistic, too!

  • Noted for my trip to Berlin. Hopefully 2016.

    • Happy travels! xxx

  • Great guide – I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, though I’ll always head into popular cafes for the ambiance and to enjoy a mean hot choc!

    • To be honest, I’m not that much of a coffee addict too, but those places are so cool that I still go there – for an experience.

  • MMMM Coffee..I need some now!
    Great read and excellent pics Olga. Need to check these places out, later in the year when I get to Berlin…between the ruin bars! Perk me up!

    • hahaha, don’t get a caffeine overdose though!

  • Wow! My brother was just in Berlin and visited some of these! Amazing spots!

    • Oh that’s great! Hope he enjoyed them :)

  • The cafes in Berlin look so cozy and inviting. Seems like the type of places where you could pass an entire afternoon reading and people watching. I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin, hopefully in the near future!

    • That’s exactly what you do in those cafes, haha, I always come with a book!!

  • These look like great places to have a cafe. I’ll have to try out some of these places when we make it to Berlin. I can see myself at the Five Elephant with a slice of cheesecake and a coffee.

  • This is the perfect “me” list. I absolutely love cafes and treats when I travel but sometimes it’s hard to know where to go to find them (especially when you’re surrounded by Starbucks. And there’s nothing wrong with Starbucks – it’s just that other cafes are less visible as a result).

  • I love coffee shops and I just found a great little independent one in my home region. I could sit and people watch (or write) in places like this with a flat white and a slice of homemade cake all day. These look like lovely cafes. Five Elephant and An einem Sonntag im August are probably places I would like for great cheesecake and quirkiness. Thanks for sharing

    • Both of them are super nice!

  • I absolutely love coffee and I frequently get (need? lol) my daily fix of coffee. I usually make my own coffee unless if I am traveling, then I love to visit cafes to get that vibe of small businesses and I especially love the aroma when I go in. Thanks for listing all these out, I will definitely keep this post in mind when I visit Berlin :)