4 Good Reasons To Visit Ecuador

el cajas national park in ecuador

Over the last few years Ecuador has become a popular destination among tourists from all over the world. There are indeed many reasons to visit Ecuador, the world’s leading green destination and the winner of World’s Travel Awards. Ecuador is a country of everything, which you realize as soon as you visit this magical place. But in order to persuade you with facts rather than mere words, here’s the evidence:

El Cajas Ecuador

#1. Fantastically beautiful nature
Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It is also THE most biodiverse country per area: that means that there’s more variety in flora and fauna per square kilometer than anywhere else on the whole planet. Ecuador has the biggest amount of plant species in South America, 18% of total number of discovered birds on Earth, and 7% of the world’s mammals.

Nature-wise, Ecuador has absolutely everything: beaches and ocean, lakes and rivers, deserted-like coast and snowcapped peaks, the plains and rainforests of Amazon and the mountain range of Andes, volcanoes, wetlands, swamps – it is genuinely a never-ending list. Ecuador is the country where you can go skiing or basking in the sun without having to cross the border. Also, the country has 11 national parks and numerous nature reserves. Some of them are indeed world-famous, like Galapagos, for example. And there’s one in particular, Yasuni National Park, that is even claimed to be the most biologically diverse spot on Earth.

#2. Go adventurous in Ecuador!
Another good reason to visit Ecuador is exciting adventure travel. This country offers great opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain hiking, various water sport activities, like surfing and kite surfing, body boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, and, of course, wildlife exploring. Galapagos is Ecuador’s real gem that apart from amazing wildlife comprises whatever adventure your heart may desire.


#3. And try the yummiest food out there
Ecuadorian cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Nation’s tastes immensely differ depending on the region, but it would be a lie to say that there’s something in Ecuador that you cannot find. The country is a paradise for a nutritionist as it probably has every fruit, every vegetable, and every crop.

#4. Expand your personal UNESCO heritage list
In total, Ecuador has 5 objects that are on UNESCO heritage list: two natural (Galapagos and Sangay National Park) and three cultural (City of Quito, historic center of Cuenca, and a part of 30 000 km long Inca road).
Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador, has “the best-preserved and least altered historic center in Latin America” [Unesco] and churches that are literally covered with gold.

Quito has lots of culture, beautiful architecture, and historic value – it was built on the ruins of an Inca city that are now one of the main tourist attractions. The country actually has a rich history of Inca culture. Through Ecuador, alongside with Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru, lies the 30 000 long Andean road, Chapaq Ñan, which construction dates back to pre-Incan times.

There are many other good reasons to visit Ecuador – it is a popular destination to learn Spanish and, surprisingly enough, to retire to, with above-mentioned Cuenca being arguably the best city to spend your elder years. If you happen to be in Ecuador – a country that has everything – forget everything you ever saw before, as being in Ecuador means you will rediscover the world from scratch.

Over to you! Have you ever been to Ecuador?

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