35 Amazing Things To Do When You Can’t Travel

35 Amazing Things To Do When You Can't Travel

Not everybody is lucky enough to be travelling full-time. The majority of those bitten by the travel bug still have jobs, careers, children, pets, and mortgages. But there are so many things that can get you inspired and excited about your ‘normal’ non travelling life, no matter how bleak and grey you think it looks. Well, guess what, you’re wrong! Your everyday life is amazing. Period.
#1 Buy yourself flowers // The Russian Abroad
1. Buy yourself flowers.
2. Bake a cake and share it with a friend.
3. Explore your hometown from a tourist’s perspective.
4. Watch a good movie.
5. Read a good book.
6. Try a new hobby.
7. Spend 20 minutes a day perfecting one of your skills.
8. Learn a new word per day in your mother tongue.
9. Learn a new language.
10. Meditate.
11. Step out of your comfort zone by doing something extraordinary.
12. Write a short story. Or a song.
13. Become more creative. Paint. Sing. Dance.
#19 Learn how to cook healthy meals // The Russian Abroad
14. Learn how to cook healthy meals.
15. Create a language tandem to practice your linguistic skills with somebody from a different country.
16. Go to every museum in town.
17. Go to the zoo.
18. Take a different route to work or school every day.
19. Visit your grandparents.
20. Find your style.
21. Revise your wardrobe and get rid of old stuff.
22. Move the furniture.
Spend some quality time with your pets! // The Russian Abroad
23. Spend some quality time with your pet.
24. Make a handmade gift to your best friend for no reason.
25. Learn how to take more care of your body.
26. Get rid of a bad habit.
27. Refine your table manners.
28. Treat yourself with something nice.
29. Work on your grades at school/university. It will help you later to travel more.
30. Take a Coursera course to learn something new.
31. Join a book club or discussion club. Or any club where you can find people with similar interests.
32. Find beauty in ordinary things and be inspired by what surrounds you.
33. Learn to accept life as it is.
34. Learn to accept yourself as you are.
35. Plan your future trip.
I love being at the ocean!
All images were taken from Pinterest – Follow @therusabroad on Pinterest and Instagram for more travel inspiration!

What to YOU do when you can’t travel? Share it in a comment below!


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  • When I can’t travel, I read travel blogs, bake and eat pizza. These are my happy things :)

    • Ah, baking and pizza! Sounds like everything one may need!

    • k r k sastri

      how lucky, Valeria , my compliments to your eternal urge to move ahead, come what may !

    • Cyrus

      What a great alternative. :)

  • Great tips! When I’m not traveling I read travel blogs and write for my own travel blog. Haha!

  • Very helpful list. I have done almost all of these while waiting to travel. Just finished number 21 and threw out anything that would not fit into my backpack… forward thinking. Also goes with trying to define my style. I’m also trying to teach myself swedish- its going slowww and I do a lot of running- keeps me sane! haha

    • Sounds like you’re being extremely active! That’s awesome! Keep up with that rhythm!

  • Robinson Molina

    Nice blog, ver y interesting muy interesante

  • What a fun post! I love the idea of doing fun/special things for yourself when you can’t get away. Especially buying yourself fresh flowers! It totally brightens up my day and my house. Kind of going along with #3, when I can’t travel I like the try out a new restaurant or wander around a nearby town I haven’t explored.

    • I’m currently visiting my family in Riga, and (maybe because I’ve been living abroad for so long) it feels like I’m travelling, too! I look at the buildings as if I never saw them before, haha. And this weekend I plan to do all the touristy stuff! That will be fun :)
      PS. I also feel that flowers brighten up my house! I even have more motivation to clean/organize it when I have a nice bouquet on the table!

  • Judy

    33. Learn to accept life as it is.

    NO! just NOOOO hahahaha

    • Because every dreamer has to be a bit of a realist in order to make his dreams come true!!

  • So many wonderful ideas…. and this can keep us “upbeat” and not worn out until we DO get to take a real trip or travel! Great stuff!

  • Bravo. interesting and amusing proposal .It is clear that you ‘re from reading، study and accuracy.

  • what a great post! I usually just focus on planning new trips when I don’t travel. Like now, I keep checking the flights search engine few times per day ;)

  • All great suggestions! When I’m not traveling I work on my blog, read others, cook, and watch and read wanderlust inspiring things!

  • Great tips and some on your list, I did already and some I intend to do! When I don’t travel, I plan for future travels and possible itinerary; and read more about blogging and other blogs! :) On a side note, not travel related, I usually bake desserts, cook for the husband and spoil my pets.

  • Wrote a similiar post last year, but that focused on getting your fill of wanderlust while you’re not travelling. It hasn’t struck me, that while travel does define a large part of who we are, there are so many other little things that make life more fulfilling!

  • You told well, but we want to travel at any cost :) :)

  • Such great ideas! I hate not being able to travel full time, but I’ll give some of these a go to quell that darn travel bug! I love exploring my hometown as a tourist; after all, everywhere is exciting to someone, and there’s often so much to see that you don’t need to travel far to find it! Planning future trips definitely top the list too! xx

    • That’s all true! Especially when you haven’t been home for a long time, and then suddenly you had to return for a while, thinking that it’s the worst thing that could happen to you – you, a travel addict, who wants to explore new things all the time! But, I guess, ‘new’ is sometimes just a perspective :) Even something old can suddenly become new to you, too!

  • Thanks a lot for this list. And you have an amazing website. X Sjoukje

  • Great ideas, Olga! I actually tried most of them while I’m not travelling and some helps to maintain your wanderlust :)

  • This is exactly what i needed to read today. Too often, time I don’t spend seeing the world feels like ‘dead’ time. Thanks!

  • When I can’t ‘travel’ I get out and explore my own world – there’s a lot of traveling to be done for hours around your own part of the world.

  • I’ve been feeling trapped lately, since I’m not traveling as much as I’d like, so this is just what I needed!

    • Soon enough you’ll travel, Kirstie, don’t worry!! So far, just stay positive :)

  • Jane

    I really needed this article! I’m currently caught between the sword and the stone. I do not know whether to take the post grad trip abroad or stay and do a job search. I’ve decided for the latter because it makes more sense financially but that travel bug is still itching. I came across this article and it made me realize that I do not need to travel abroad to enjoy the simple things in life. The main reason I want to travel is because I feel my life is so ordinary but your ideas just bring out what makes life special and they are the small little moments which I should learn how to
    appreciate first. Thank you :)

  • Thaks alot for this nice sharing.