15 Places You Must Visit in Ecuador

What to check off your bucket list: a trip to the Galapagos Islands!

Are you going to Ecuador for the first time? Then make sure that you don’t miss any must-see places in Ecuador! I’ve put together a list of best places to see and visit in Ecuador.

1. Middle of the World
Middle of the World
2. Swing at the End of the World
Swing at the End of the World
3. Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest
4. Yasuni National Park
Yasuni National Park
5. Quilotoa loop
6. Cotopaxi volcano
7. Cuenca
8. Devil´s Nose Train Ride
Nariz del Diablo
9. La Compañía de Jesús in Quito
La Compania de Jesus
10. Cuicocha lake
11. Galápagos Islands
Galapagos Islands
12. Otavalo market
13. Ingapirca
14. Mojandra lake
15. Devil’s Cauldron
Devil's Cauldron

All images were taken from Pinterest – Follow @therusabroad on Pinterest for more travel inspiration!

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  • Wow! Ecuador looks simply incredible! From the rich colours of its markets to its natural wonders! Have you tested the swing at the end of the world? I would be terrified, but I think I might actually do it (at least for the photo and thrill!)…

    • Not yet but I rrreaally want to! I have to go to Baños for that. My boyfriend told me that he won’t let me do it, but I won’t listen!
      Actually, in Cuenca there is a similar swing – it’s not that high but is till pretty cool, they say. Maybe I’ll get a picture on that one because it’s closer haha.

  • Ah so many stunning spots- I must get over to Ecuador! The swing at the end of the world looks so stunning! What a vibrant and different country!

    • Oh, you have no idea how diverse this country is! I always say that Ecuador is the country of everything. When you come to South America, you should definitely, definitely make a long stop here :)

  • hassan

    amazing and awesome olga. its look like a paradise coming in dream.

    • It does indeed!

  • olga can i have a let to use this pictures in my blog by mention & naming you?

  • Amazing photos! Where does the train ride lead?

    • It goes through the Andes (from Quito, I think) down to the Pacific coast (close to Guayaquil)!

  • Ammy Mejía Guerrero

    Hi Olga! Im from Quito, Ecuador! My country is sooo beautiful!! Thank u for those incredible pIcs but u need to go to the coast …. Amazing places in the coast!!! Los frailes, montañita, marianitas, manta, portete, tortugA, san clemente, bahia etc!! Besos !!!! Y bienvenida a mi hermoso Ecuador!!!!

    • Hola, Ammy! gracias por leer mi blog!
      yo viví en la costa 6 meses de mi vida, haha, las bahías son maravillosas!!! fuí a la Punta Blanca, Olón, etc, todo me encantó muchisimo!
      espero que te vaya bien! cuidate, loca!

  • Thank you for this, i will add them all to my list of places to see., I have wanted to g to Ecuador for a while and well South America in General. But I would like to know did you feel safe travelling alone as a woman in Ecuador?

    • It depends on where you go! There’s ALWAYS a risk of getting robbed, even if you’re a man, and even if you’re local – you always have to beware.
      I never had any problems because I always knew there were certain places I shouldn’t go, so I just didn’t. Travel smart and you’ll be safe!
      Ecuador is a GORGEOUS country, and there’s many, many tourists there visiting Quito, Cuenca, Banos, Galapagos and other fantastic places. I’d love to come back there and explore more of the country one day!

  • I’m going to Ecuador for a month to volunteer this summer! I seriously can’t wait!!

    • That’s super exciting!!! When I was on the Galapagos Islands I met bunch of young Germans volunteering there!
      What are you going to do??? And where are you staying?

  • Ecuador is already on my list and you made me want to go soon! Salt Flats and Galapagos are on my top 3 things to do and Amazon rainforest. I heard you can do it the cheapest in Ecuador…