11 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Riga

11 photos to make you want to visit Riga

I just realized that, as much as I love travelling somewhere new, my beautiful hometown Riga actually outshines a lot of cities I’ve been to. Riga is gorgeous, and it is often compared to Paris: Little Paris, The Second City That Never Sleeps, The Paris Of the North, The Paris of Eastern Europe… If you haven’t been to Riga yet, plan a trip to the Baltic States. As for now, here’s 11 photos to make you want to visit Riga

Medieval Riga

Old Town // Riga, Latvia

Cafes in Riga // Latvia

The streets of gorgeous Riga // Latvia

Blackheads House // Riga, Latvia

National Opera // Riga, Latvia

Art Nouveau in Riga // Latvia

Art Nouveau details of one of the buildings in Riga, Latvia

Black cat in Riga, Latvia

The Freedom Monument // Riga, Latvia

Market in Riga // Latvia

The photos from this post were taken from Pinterest – follow @therusabroad on Pinterest and Instagram for more travel inspiration!

Would you like to visit Riga?

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  • riga is one of my favorite cities in the world and it makes my heart happy to see photos of it :)

    • I come from Riga so it really warms me from the inside to hear that!
      Thanks for commenting, Megan! xxx

  • Oh wow, amazing pictures! Really do want to visit Riga now! Thank you for sharing.

  • Beautiful architecture! And the last pic of the “rynok” made me somewhat nostalgic… I need a trip to motherland Russia or ANY Eastern Europe country badly and soooon! :)

    By the way, I am Katya – your new follower)) Hope you wouldn’t mind! If your travels make way to Miami – I always welcome any adventurous spirit under my roof for a cup of tea :)

    • Hi, Katya, nice to see you here! :)
      Riga is so underrated and yet so beautiful, isn’t it? I kind of feel lucky to come from such a unique place!
      Thanks for the invitation!! And you’re always welcome in Riga when your nostalgia for Eastern Europe becomes too strong … :)

  • So so stunning! Just look at this place! Have got to get over there asap! x

    • You should!! I’ll show you around!

  • Of course I want to visit lovely Riga. It seems very nice. Have a good day Olga.

    • You should definitely visit Latvia one day, Hassan, it’s a beautiful country in general, and Riga is extremely pretty at summer! :)

  • Amazing photos!!! Wow!!!

  • Nice photos Olga.

  • Yes, your pictures make me want to visit Riga!

  • When I lived in Kyiv, Ukraine, on several occasions I had stops in Riga on my way to other European countries, so I had plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful city. Your photos reminded me of those sweet times :)

  • Great photos of a beautiful city: I’ve had a brief visit to Tallinn, which has a similar look, but I can see that Riga has a character all its own. Definitely a place to put on my list.

  • Atanas

    Thanks for the pictures, Olia. Riga looks stunning. Reminds me a lot on Prague and Germany

  • I’ve been there twice, but only in winter. Has definately some charm too! But must say I get curious to summer from these pics :)

    • I like Riga in winter, too – but only when there’s a lot of snow! Because when there’s none, the city looks a bit too naked for my taste, haha.

  • Wow Riga looks so beautiful I must add it in my bucket list!

  • I traveled to Tallinn last year and simply fell in love with it. Riga is high on my radar for trips of the future. These pictures are gorgeous. What is the big red stately building? And what on earth is the building with the cat on the top? they are my favorites.

    • The red building you’re talking about is The Blackheads House (Tallinn has actually a building with the same name, so don’t get confused haha).
      And the House Cat is one of the most famous buildings in Riga! The legend goes that it used to belong to somebody who wanted to be a member of the Great Guild, a trade union in the medieval times, but the members of the community declined. So the owner of the house got angry and put a cat on top of the roof. That cat had the angriest expression ever, had its tail raised and its ass faced towards the Guild :D It’s only after the owner of the house was finally accepted into the union when he turned the cat facing another direction.

      The history of Riga is full of funny stories like that :)

  • Gorgeous photos– makes me want to book a ticket to Riga right now! Btw- in the 3rd from bottom photo, is that a statue of a cat? :p

    • Olga Rabo

      Yes, the legend is indeed very funny! I always tell it to my foreign friends!

  • Beautiful pictures! I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now!

    • You really should!!! Riga is absolutely gorgeous and there’s so much to discover!

  • Hi Olga! I’m so happy to have found your blog! Apparently we have similar traveling tastes! I love some many of your posts :) Your hometown is simply wonderful! I’ve already been planning to visit the Baltic states in the future, and was thinking more about Tallinn, but I can see Riga is even more spectacular. Thanks for posting this!

    • You’re so super sweet Eleanna!! I”m happy you found my blog too so that I get to read your lovely comment!!

      Tallinn is also great, and if you can, you should def cover the both capitals! It’s like 4 hour ride on the bus, and tickets are usually so cheap!