10 Witty Travel Quotes By Mark Twain

There isn’t a person who doesn’t love Mark Twain. That man is one of the funniest and most important writers in America, whose humour, literary talent, and insight into the human nature can’t leave anybody indifferent. What people don’t know about Mark Twain, though, is that he wasn’t only a great writer but also an avid traveller. He travelled extensively throughout his life: U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East… He’s been more around the world than any man of his time — and probably even of our time, too.

So here are 10 wonderful travel quotes by Mark Twain, coming from his letters and travelogues— all an inspiration to read!

10 lovely travel quotes by Mark Twain

Love this travel quote!

True indeed...

Travel quote by Mark Twain

LOVE Mark Twain!

Foreigners always spell better than they pronounce! Words of wisdom by Mark Twain

A travel quote by Mark Twain

Love these travel quotes by Mark Twain!

Words of wisdom by Mark Twain

Travel is fatal to prejudice

Over to you! Which one of these travel quotes is your favourite?

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10 witty travel quotes by Mark Twain