10 Reasons To Visit Leipzig This Year

If you’ve never heard of Leipzig, don’t worry – this is your chance to get to know the city that makes every German smile with the dearest of all smiles. Why? Well, let me put it that way – Leipzig is simply awesome. It is all about history and contemporaneity, comfort and edge. The city is über-cool. And if you’re ever lucky enough to visit Leipzig, you will probably be there for these 10 reasons:

Leipzig: your next travel destination in Germany


Reason #1. The coolest ZOO ever

Known as the zoo of the future, Leipzig Zoo is absolutely fantastic. Without any exaggeration, this is the best zoo I have ever been to – better than the ones in London or Berlin, and those are famous across the whole world! But beware, the zoos of the capitals, Leipzig is a competition to deal with! For starters, Leipzig Zoo has the biggest Tropical House in Europe. It’s called Gondwanaland and it comprises three continents under one roof: Africa, Asia and South America. It’s freaking fantastic. Not only you get to see more than 500 exotic animal and plant species, but you can also go on an adventurous boat ride that takes you through caves with light installations where you learn about the history of time. Super cool experience.

Reason #2. Music, music to my ears!

Did you know that J. S. Bach is buried in Leipzig? Or that Richard Wagner was born here? Or that Edward Grieg wrote his famous Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 here? Or that Felix Mendelssohn used to live in this city for years, where he re-discovered Bach and established the Leipzig Conservatory together with Robert Schumann, another famous composer? No wonder Leipzig is called the city of music. Go on Leipzig Music Trail, head off to an orchestra concert in Gewandhaus, check out Bach’s grave in St. Thomas Church, enjoy the sounds of Thomanerchor, a legendary boys’ choir functioning since 1212, visit Mendelssohn’s apartment… Go ahead and dive into the history of music and lose yourself in its beautiful sounds!

Reason #3. The best bratwurst in Saxony

No question about it.

The best bratwurst in Germany!!

Reason #4. Enjoy being in one of the greenest cities in Germany

German cities are among the greenest in Europe, and Leipzig is one of them. It rates at ‘above the average’ at air quality, water, waste and land use, and energy sustainability. Of all the cities in Germany, Leipzig has the lowest rate of energy consumption per capita – 50 gigajoules per year. Which is even lower than the European average of 85 gigajoules per year. So you can only imagine how pleasant and fresh and clean life in Leipzig can be. There are numerous parks to enjoy on a lazy Saturday afternoon (e.g. Clara Zetkin Park – perfect spot for a perfect picnic) and more-than-you-can-count waterways, where you can go canoeing on another lazy Saturday afternoon. There’s always a choice.

Reason #5. Live the Porsche dream

Love cars? Go to Leipzig! The city is a home to the beautiful beast Porsche Cayenne, which is manufactured only in Leipzig. The Porsche Factory will show you how to make the best cars in the world – make sure you book the ticket a week in advance or so. And make sure to check out BMW and Mercedes factories nearby – they are just within a stone’s throw.

Reason #6. Germanization 101: going barefoot

Germans love nature. In fact, they’re so much in love with it that they think walking barefoot in the middle of the street is nothing but the most innocent, natural thing to do. In Leipzig, you can see it everywhere you go – university, city centre, even some offices… Yes, it’s weird and no, Germans don’t think it is. You can challenge your standpoints a little bit and go barefoot too – after all, if you ever want to do this, Leipzig is the ultimate place for it.

Germanization 101: going barefoot

Reason #7. Go to the biggest Panometer in the world

Leipzig Panometer is a huge panoramic photo exhibition in a former gasometer. Every few years the place has a different exposition, and if you travel to Leipzig now you would be lucky enough to see The Battle of Leipzig in 105 metres in circumference and 30 metres in height. This makes the photos to be the largest pictures in the world of such kind (only the Panometer in Dresden is just slightly less tall).

Reason #8. Fancy some book shopping?

Not only Leipzig is the city of music, but it’s also the city of books. The first book fair ever happened here in the 17th century, and for more than 3 centuries straight, it also used to be the largest one in the world. It still takes place every year, with the exception that Frankfurt now holds the winning title. The very concept of Leipziger Buchmesse, however, hasn’t changed: thousands of books, old and new, are displayed for thousands of visitors, who can either go book shopping or listen to their favorite authors reciting excerpts from their latest publications. An event of the year, spiced up with some taste of history that the city of Leipzig is so rich with.

Reason #9. Celebrate architecture in the Waldstraßenviertel

In the middle of the 19th century, Europe witnessed a creation of a particular architectural style – Gründerzeit. It was inspired by neo-gothic motifs intertwined with the new wave of industrialization happening in Germany and Austria at that time. Leipzig is renowned as the world’s capital of Gründerzeit as more than 80% of all the city’s cultural monuments are built in this particular style. And it’s a beautiful style. Which makes Waldstraßenviertel one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Europe.

Reason #10. Feel yourself at home!

Last but not least, Leipzig is one of the coziest- and homeliest-feeling cities you can ever visit. As soon as you leave the railway station it already feels like home. And it’s not because everybody’s smiling and there’s a free cookie giveaway on every corner – this thing doesn’t exist. But there’s something in the air that makes Leipzig simply a nice place to be. And isn’t that what everybody wants?

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig Rathaus

Leipzig panorama

The monument to J.S.Bach in Leipzig, the city where the famous composer has lived for over 30 years.

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